You've heard the term "Munchies" for years.

"Man, I got the munchies now! What do we have to eat??" - anyone?

What are Munchies? This is what Urban Dictionary says...

"When you get hungry after smoking weed. Usually, people will eat a lot of junk food." Source


Is There any evidence though that actually links Cannabis use and "Munchies cravings?"

WSU Says, yes!

"Researchers have now revealed a mechanism in the brain that promotes appetite in a set of animal studies at Washington State University." Source

What do these findings mean for the future of Munchies and Cannabis?

"It could pave the way for refined therapeutics to treat appetite disorders faced by cancer patients as well as anorexia and potentially obesity." (Source)


How did WSU go about finding this info?

"After exposing mice to vaporized cannabis sativa, researchers used calcium imaging technology, which is similar to a brain MRI, to determine how their brain cells responded. They observed that cannabis activated a set of cells in the hypothalamus when the rodents anticipated and consumed palatable food that were not activated in unexposed mice." - Source

How about the science stuff, what was actually found in the mice?

"As part of this research, the researchers also determined that the cannabinoid-1 receptor, a known cannabis target, controlled the activity of a well-known set of “feeding” cells in the hypothalamus, called Agouti Related Protein neurons. With this information, they used a “chemo genetic” technique, which acts like a molecular light switch, to home in on these neurons when animals were exposed to cannabis. When these neurons were turned off, cannabis no longer promoted appetite." Source


“We now know one of the ways that the brain responds to recreational-type cannabis to promote appetite,” Source

Was this study legally done?

"The current research received support from the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Research Program, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture as well as by funds provided by the state of Washington Initiative Measure No. 171." - Source


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