Law Enforcement agencies in the region are warning their internet followers about a recent spike in spam that's been plaguing their social media sites.

Spokesperson Kyle Foreman with the Grant County Sheriff's Office says the spam is often accompanied by a link with a bogus and sensational headline.

"The spammers are making it look as if what they are posting is part of our story about a crime or something else. They'll entice viewers to look at a video that isn't from us and it will have some kind of caption about police or SWAT activity. Then when the user clicks on the link it will take them to the spam that the spammer has applied."

Foreman says the sheriff's office is working to block the spammers from posting on its social media pages, but for now they need users to simply look away.

"We are working on some methods to keep this from happening but for the time being, we're simply asking the followers we have on Facebook to just ignore those comments and to not be taken advantage of by the spammer's comments on our social media pages."

The Grant County Sheriff's Office is one of dozens of law enforcement agencies throughout the state that have seen a marked increase in spamming on their social media pages in recent months.

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