One of the Most Guarded Locations on Earth is Hours from Wenatchee

If you’re driving the speed limit, you'll drive from Wenatchee to The Dalles, Oregon - in an estimated 3 hours and 46 minutes.

The Dalles is home to one of the most guarded locations.


This is where you'll find a Google Data Center in The Dalles - one of nearly 30 Google Data Centers, across the planet.

Moneywise recently mentioned a Google Data Center as one of the 25 most hard-to-access and secure places on planet Earth. 

Linda Harris (via Faceook)
Linda Harris (via Facebook) "Google Data Center in The Dalles, Oregon -  'This picture taken from tour bus' "


A Google Data Center has six layers of security:

* Overlapping cameras

* Vehicle crash barrier

* Anti-climb fence that is coated in motion-sensitive fiber.

If you’re an employee, you have to have your identity verified through an eye scan. Only 1% of Google employees are allowed access to the actual Google hard drives.


As mentioned earlier, Google Data Centers, are one of the 25 most guarded places on Earth by Moneywise.

Here are the other 24.

24. The Burlington Bunker - Designed to protect Britain’s prime minister, 4,000 government employees, and the royal family in case of a nuclear attack.

23. The Coca-Cola Vault - This vault contains the secret Coke recipe, inside a museum near Atlanta. You need to enter a password into a keypad & have your palm scanned. The recipe to arguably the world's most famous soda pop, is handwritten.


22. Bohemian Grove - The headquarters of a California who’s-who secret society, where you have to pay $25,000 in dues to join. The waitlist is up to 15 years long; The Bohemian Club currently has about 2,500 members.


21. Air Force One - The jet that keeps our US President safe, while making domestic and foreign visits.

US President Biden Arrives In Japan
Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images


20. Iron Mountain - What exactly is stored at Iron Mountain is secret, but their website specifies having “lower temperatures” and vinegar syndrome solutions on hand, which suggests the expansive site keeps vintage films safe and preserved. Rumored clients of Iron Mountain include Warner Brothers Studio and the Smithsonian Museum.


19. HavenCo - Google The soverign nation of Sealand. An offshore platform that has its jurisdiction and “country.”


18. Snake Island - Not precisely where you’d want to plan a getaway vacation with your family.  Located 90 miles off the coast of Såo Paolo, it is home to over 2,000 golden lancehead vipers. Yeah, this is a place no one will want to try and visit “break in.”


17. ADX Florence Prison - Located near Florence, Colorado - it’s hailed as one of the most secure prisons in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records.


16. Bold Lane Car Park - A parking garage in Derbyshire, ( located in England’s East Midlands)  that has sensitive detection systems. Even if your car slightly moves, the entire parking garage shuts down.


15. Tumen River, China, North Korea, Russia -  No joke, you don’t want to mess around on these bridges. North Koreans are banned from stepping within 500 feet of the river.


14. Communications Security Establishment, Ottawa Canada - This is the headquarters of Canada’s cyber security, foreign intelligence, cyber operations, and assistance to foreign intelligence partners.


13. Granite Mountain Records Vault, Utah - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses this vault, inside a mountain near Salt Lake City to store 3.5 billion microfilm images and genealogical records.


12. The Swiss Vaults - I’m sure James Bond had to take down a bad guy here a few times.  The vaults protect gold, artwork, and family treasures.  

Money Vault
Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images


11. Lascaux Caves, France - The extremely fragile home to nearly 1,000 displays of prehistoric art. Some artifacts are estimated to be 20,000 years old.


10. Korean Demilitarized Zone - The always tense Korean border village where a US soldier decided to walk across into North Korea. Initially, I thought the distraught soldier must have been an upset New York Mets fan.


9. Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado - Buried under the Rocky Mountains is the brains of NORAD. (the North American Aerospace Defense Command) (NORAD.) Remember the 80s movie War Games? This is the place that Matthew Brodrick inadvertently was messing with.


8. The Kremlin, Russia - Located in Moscow, this a series of connected government buildings that include the president’s official home.


7. Vatican Secret Archives, Italy - Home to 53 miles of shelving filled with documents, private letters, and historical data.


6. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway - If, knock on wood, something very bad should happen like a giant asteroid or a nuclear weapon exchange should wipe out the population, you (the sole survivor of the planet) would be instructed to travel here and reseed the earth. I’m hoping they have Honeycrisp apple tree seeds.

5. Buckingham Palace - One of King Charles’ elaborate homes.

UK Tourism Near Pre-Covid Levels
Hollie Adams/Getty Images

4. Area 51 -  A guarded US military base in the New Mexico desert. This is where my uncle thinks they keep capturing flying saucers from other star systems.

3. Bank Of England Gold Vault, London - The bank was established in 1694 and has never been robbed. This is the UK’s version of Fort Knox, housing thousands of tons of gold.

2. White House - Where the US President calls home while serving in office.

1. Fort Knox - This secure facility guards half of America’s gold reserves and important documents, like the Declaration of Independence.

INFO: Moneywise

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