I like to commute to work on my bike regardless of the weather. I also like to don’t mind being outside in the cold with ice, snow, slush, rain, or mud. Two particular clothing items have kept me protected against the cold. Keeping me going hour after hour during the dark winter months east of the Cascade Mountains.

My Helly Hansen Odin Softshell jacket

I’ve had this jacket for over ten years. It has been my shield to anything Mother Nature throws at me - year after year. It is an outer shell and you’ll need to properly layer up underneath. The bottom layer should always be something that wicks away any sweat that could lead to hyperthermia.

Here is an example of how I used to ride my bike - for years - without using the useful Helly Hanson hood, designed for slipping over your bike helmet. 

Helly Hansen Winter shell
Winter bike commuting without the hood over my helmet CREDIT: Connor

Now here I am - and the difference in head protection from the cold is night and day. 

Helly Hansen Winter shell
Winter bike commuting with the hood over my helmet CREDIT: Connor

My Costco Kirkland Brand Wool Crew Socks

I looked into buying Merino wool socks and was shocked to learn how expensive they can be just for one pair of socks. 

Shelling out $20, for a single pair of quality wool socks is a bit extreme for me. 

Spending slightly less ($18.99) - you can get a half dozen (read: six) wonderfully performing socks that keep my feet from freezing up on cold winter bike rides and trail runs in all kinds of snow and icy conditions. 
Reading the packaging these great winter socks are made of a Wool blend consisting of 72% Merino, 27% Nylon, and 1% Spandex.

Costco Kirkland Brand Wool Crew Socks
My Kirkland Brand wool socks CREDIT: Connor

Sure, you can buy slightly better wool socks - but you can’t beat the price for that many quality socks. I normally don't wear waterproof trail shoes (with runs that sometimes go longer than two hours) and those Costco Kirkland Brand wool socks keep my feet from freezing up.

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