Warning: Washington Drivers, Remove These Bumper Stickers Now!

Experts warn that criminals and even terrorists could use the bumper stickers on your vehicle against you and your family.

You're Proud of Your Honor Roll Student

We all approached a red light, slowly bringing our vehicle to a halt - then noticed those little stick-figure families on the back of a family SUV. 

To many families, it's a fun way to express your family's pride and identity. But safety experts warn those cute vinyl stickers could pose a risk to your family's safety.


They reveal far too much information about your family - to potentially bad and dangerous people. 

Some families proudly put the names of each family member. Even pet names, hobbies, and interests of family members are included.

CREDIT: Printero MNL (via Facebook)
CREDIT: Printero MNL (via Facebook)

If this warning doesn’t worry you - imagine this scenario

Picture someone approaching your child in the Costco parking lot. You're distracted by trying to unload the groceries into the back of your vehicle. The children are on the other side of the car - when a stranger approaches, just beyond your line of site.

"Hello! Liam and Olivia! Remember me? My name is Rob. I know your dad, Josh. We work together." The kids are wary, but he knows their names, so they must have just forgotten. They must have met him before now.

He continues, "Can you help me find my dog, Charlie? He just ran off."

"Oh, hey! We have a dog named Charlie, too!" they both chime in. 

He knows. 

He read it off the back of your car. Now they have something in common, and they're eager to help.

A predator could use the information they read on the back of your vehicle to trick your kids into a false sense of security. You've given them enough information to dangerously prey upon you and your family.

What else are you telling the public? 

If you have stickers that express your love of bikes or the outdoors - then criminals will assume you have expensive gear tucked away.

If you run a home-based business, for example, your telephone number may be visible. Did you have stickers showing your favorite sports teams, too? How about those "my honor student" stickers? Now everyone knows where your kids attend school, as well.

CREDIT: OhioSAR.org (via Facebook)

Experts want you to play it safe and immediately remove those stickers from your vehicle.

Remember. Bumper Stickers Can Pose Risks for you and your family

  • They can reveal personal information about you and your family.
  • They can assume what expensive gear could be in the car.
  • They put your children at higher risk.
  • College, team, or sorority stickers can endanger students.
CREDIT: WFCyouth.net (via Facebook)
CREDIT: WFCyouth.net (via Facebook)
  • Travel sports team stickers broadcast that you’re from out of town.
  • "Honor Roll" and other humble-bragging displays what school your kids attend.

INFO: Readers Digest, OhioSAR.org

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