I was recently able to see a little of what the Sardis Raptor Center is like. They visited the Rocky Reach Dam for the 2023 Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, and man did my jaw drop! I had no idea we have a Raptor Center that takes in birds to get them back to health or to give them a nice safe space to call home.

The Sardis Raptor Center is located in Ferndale WA. Founded in 1989.

Rescue Rehabilitation and Release are the three R's they live by.

While some birds aren't able to be released back into the wild, they in turn become Education Ambassadors. These Ambassadors sometimes get to travel with the company to various locations (like the 2023 Wenatchee River Salmon Festival).

Yes, they even take in Bald Eagles. I had never seen one up front and personal until they brought one out at the Salmon fest. So cool to see sand even cooler to know that while the beautiful bird couldn't be released back into the wild, it has a really cool home within the Sardis Raptor Center.

Some of these animals you'll only ever see in the wild (rightfully so.) But for some injured birds, they'll have a second hope/home.

When talking with the kind people of the Sadris Raptor Center representatives, they mentioned that this company is 100% donation ran!

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