Let me start by saying, I don’t care about football. I don’t have a favorite team. I don’t root for anyone. And unless I look it up right now as I write this, I could not even tell you who is playing in the Super Bowl this year. I’m not a fan. So I’m always looking for alternative things to do on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Before I moved to the Pacific North West (specifically Eugene, Oregon back in 2009), I used to hold what we called, “Football Widow Parties”. Now I need to note that I’ve worked at radio stations that are super focused on female demographics. Quite a few women would often be abandoned by their boyfriends or husbands that took part of Super Bowl parties and didn’t want to be a part of it. So I would throw these football widow parties for the ladies that would sometimes be a spa day or girls day out kind of event. They were hugely successful. But that all changed when I tried to put together a similar promotion in Eugene. 

I was embarrassed. It failed miserably. Why? I found out that during football season, many of the women hibernated with their significant other. Perhaps because of the cold, dreary, damp, snowy, winter weather. 

And so when the Super Bowl came around, they draped themselves with their favorite team’s jersey and munch down on all the pizza and chicken wings and downing the beers with their guys. Heck, you could’ve ran naked in downtown Eugene during a Ducks game and no one would see you. Of course, why would you? It’s too damn cold! Of course now, there are more and more guys like me who openly say, ‘I hate football!” So I now I’m thinking more inclusive parties.

But I get it. Even if you’re not into football, there’s something to say about going to a Super Bowl gathering for the fellowship. I’ve been to Super Bowl parties just to be with my family. 

But most of my life, I’ve lived either on the beach or very warm to hot cities. So come Super Bowl Sunday, why would you want to be stuck inside watching some game, while you could be out enjoying a beautiful day. 

So with that, regardless of the weather this week year, here are other things to do if you are not into football. 

Leavenworth: If you’ve wanted to visit the hottest tourist town without the crowds, Super Bowl Sunday is the day to visit. Plenty of easy parking. Get into that cafe’ without the long wait. Explore and enjoy! Plus you'll make the shop owners happy.

Mission Ridge: Here’s one where you can compromise with a loved one who wants to see the game but you want to get out. Not as many people snowboarding or skiing down the afternoon slopes because of the big game, yet there might be people watching inside the lodge. 

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Early: With less crowds at popular restaurants that people normally would have to wait in long lines to get into, you’ll get in with little not wait. And most likely those places are booked up already for Valentine’s Day, so why not get into that fancy like restaurant and celebrate Valentine’s Day early. 

Shopping in Seattle: Anyone who knows me knows I’m a mall rat. So shopping is my thing. Perhaps a day trip over the Cascades to ‘The City’ (If you saw my recent article about people calling Seattle, The City), and head over to the Westfield South Center or the Westlake Center, and go nuts. Heck, maybe go visit touristy type places like the Space Needle or Pier 57. 

Movie Time: Sure you could stay home and stream Titanic. But why not get out and see a movie on the big screen? When was the last time you went to the movie since the pandemic? I honestly haven’t stepped foot in a theater since 2018. Avatar 3D is playing? If you’ve got kids, there’s Puss in Boots. If you like creepy movies, there’s the popular M3GAN. I might see that simply because she spells her name with a 3 like I do with my name, Mav3rick. Ladies, there’s the new Magic Mike’s Last Dance. I’m a Tom Hanks fan so there’s his latest that everyone is raving about called, A Man Called Otto. You get the idea. Just be warn, even at the theater you can’t escape football. There is that Sally Fields, Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno movie, 80 for Brady. 

Etc…: There are a bunch of smaller ideas as well. Not sure what the weather will be like just yet, but a picnic in a tent. Bike the Loop. Hike the hills. Shop the Avenue. Board game night with friends! Oh my gosh! We used to have a bunch of friends gather with several Risk boards and conquer the world and move on to play the other winners from the other games until we had one winner. I used to win. A lot.

Any other ideas? Any tritiations you’ve done to avoid the big game? By the way. I just now looked it up. Apparently it’s the Kansas City Chiefs and the Eagles. Where are the Eagles located?

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