What does it take to be a Chaplain to begin with? Generally speaking, you must be empathetic, have a caring presence and a listening ear.

Now what does the North Central Washington Chaplain Foundation do for us, the community? Have you ever heard of a Chaplain before?

1. They Build Relationships with first responders and the public in Chelan and Douglas County.

2. They Respond to the scene of event/events.

The dictionary simply states that Chaplain means this...


  1. a member of the clergy attached to a private chapel, institution, ship, branch of the armed forces, etc.
    "a prison chaplain"

The NCW Chaplain Foundation knows, it takes more than a definition. They go above and beyond for the communities in Chelan, and Douglas County.

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

Join NCW Chaplain Foundation at the

GladSong Choir Benefit Concert

Sunday June 11th, 2023


at the Christ Center in Cashmere WA.

(58000 Kimber Rd. Cashmere WA)

Free To Attend.


Help support those who help support us.

Money goes towards things like:

1. Call-Out Expenses

*Did you know, The NCW Chaplain Foundation is Volunteer run!?

2. Their First Responders Appreciation Catered Breakfast.

3. Training and Sustained Learning.

To name a few.


For more information on how to Donate in other ways, please contact:

Lead Chaplain Paul Hughes at


and or Send a donation via the postal service:

PO BOX 5471, Wenatchee WA, 98807

Thank you, North Central Washington Chaplain Foundation, for all you do, and continue to do for us. Takes a heart of gold and patience to do what you provide. 

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