Cake Wars, a show that allows you to see just how creative a mind can be, and just how meticulous a person is. But what does the Show, Cake Wars have in common with the Pacific Northwest? A Gal. A really cool gal!


Holly Webster is from Edmonds WA, and her passion for baking has been with her since she was little. For good reason!

She got an informal apprenticeship at a bakery called Bread and Roses. Holly learned from another gal who had lived in France for a while, how to master the art of French Baking and their methods. 

"I was always super creative, artist, private art classes, cultivated into food somehow. I watched cooking shows and was asked once “Do you know how to cook?” I’d wake up at midnight and get to baking.  From scratch, artisan breads and pastries. Brick ovens, a closet with a tiny camping burner and a Folger's coffee can with water for a proofing box “proofed the bread”. Steam that was made in the oven for baguettes was by a hose. They would spray the garden hose to help create the crust of the bread. The company (which operated out of an old house) had an awesome backyard, roses were abundant and used to garnish the cakes and bread with." - Holly Webster


In talking with Holly, I learned she ventured to Las Vegas Nevada and that's where things really got moving for her, cake wise.

"I walked into Albertsons and said, “I want to be your cake decorator.” - Holly Webster

She showed them what she was capable of, took some time to complete the decorating and they liked what she could do but said, "you'll have to cut your time down." So, she did! She decorated a cake within 15 mins and landed the job! This Albertson's adventure turned into being in management, DM for 20+ stores. But the creative was taken away with being a manager, turned into something she didn’t enjoy as much.

Holly decided to try her hands at some of the high-end hotels in Las Vegas, ended up landing positions that were once exclusively for people who had years of schooling and experience. This is where she met a business-savvy friend who said, "You need to be working for yourself!"

She partnered up with said savvy businessman and began a project that spanned for 10 years. the niche? a 24/7 Cake Service. Want a cake at 3am? Sure, it would cost you though!

"I operated out of my home, making all the cakes, while I did the baking, my business partner rubbed elbows. I would always watch cooking shows and thought, "I should apply."" - Holly Webster

She ended up doing about 5 shows in a year, building her confidence and allowing her to learn even more!

Then, the dreaded Pandemic hit... Holly decided to move back to Washington State (Wenatchee Valley) to live closer to her family and ride the wave out. Since she has continued baking, but under her new name, Holly Flour.

To have such a sweet gem in this valley, is so cool! With clientele in Hollywood to your neighbor's brother's graduation party. Her passion for baking is enjoyed by all!

Check out all her tasty treats here!

want to place an order or have questions? email her at


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