Another Reason to Shop in NCW - Seattle Ranks Last for Holiday Shopping

Are you tempted to drive over the mountains to shop for Christmas? 

Seattle was named the worst holiday shopping experience in the country - according to Bankrate which looked into: 

  • Affordability
  • Purchasing power
  • Accessibility to shopping

How much do you typically spend on your family and close friends?

The National Retail Federation says - on average - Americans plan to spend $875 this holiday season on gifts, holiday items, decorations, and food. 

Yes, we tend to do a big chunk of our shopping - online.  

61% of holiday shoppers plan to do at least some shopping in person. (Bankrate)

We all need to get the most for our hard-earned dollars.

CREDIT:The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown (via Facebook)
CREDIT: The Sound Hotel Seattle Belltown (via Facebook)

Bankrate studied 25 of the largest metro areas in the country and ranked them based on how much your typical $825 bought. 

Seattle came in as the 25th place affordable location or DEAD LAST. The study said that your typical $825 holiday purchases would cost you over $1,100 in the Seattle area.

After Seattle, the worst large cities for local holiday shoppers are Los Angeles, Riverside, Miami, and San Francisco. The most affordable large city for local holiday shopping is Detroit, doing well in terms of affordability and retail accessibility. Boston, Philadelphia, Charlotte, and Baltimore rounded out the top five affordable large cities.

Not long ago It seemed like magic to once upon a time, grab a latte - then shop in Westlake Center. I have fond memories of seeing the larger-than-life brightly lit star high atop Macy’s on 4th Street amid the lightly falling Seattle drizzle.

Now, as an adult, my guard is on high alert as I walk the downtown streets with my family.

The steep price tag of gifts, food, and coffee in Seattle has me wanting to stay home. It's a great idea to stay put and shop the locally owned stores in Downtown Wenatchee.

Stemilt Creek Winery at Firehouse Pet Shop (via Facebook)
Stemilt Creek Winery at Firehouse Pet Shop (via Facebook)

Start your lazy afternoon grabbing a latte at Columbia Cafe in Pybus Market - and visiting all the shops. You'll absolutely love it.

Santa visits Pybus Market CREDIT: Frank Cone
Santa visits Pybus Market CREDIT: Frank Cone

INFO: Bankrate

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