So, I’ll admit, I got a wild hair and colored my hair... Bleached it, I bleached my own hair! (Insert shocked emoji) Now before anyone reaches out to Brad Mondo (if you know you know) to tell him about my “mess” you should know, I did pretty dang good! Here's my: 

Aly Tried so You can Fly- 

First, I took my happy rear to Sally’s Beauty Supply here in Wenatchee. Purchased a “cap” to pull my hair through, a pick to guide the hair out, 20volume developer, powder bleach, and a toner for after the bleaching process.  

Once you get all your needs in front of you and laid out, make sure our hair is really brushed, no tangles and parted how you would normally part your hair. 

Place cap on your head, and tie around your chin.  

Start with your hair pick (has a hook at the end to help grab hair inside the cap) and just start pulling pieces out, you will notice there isn’t much control as to how much gets pulled out, so start small and as you get more comfortable, you’ll be able to get the technique down and pull hair out as needed. 

Once you have the desired amount of hair pulled through the cap, take your brush, and brush what’s outside of the cap. You will feel pulling and adjusting happening. But this step is important for before the bleach application, if you don’t brush, you run the risk of getting stipes and unevenness.  

In a bowl, add bleach and developed, mix and put gloves on. (Please put gloves on, bleach burns after so long and it’s just uncomfortable.) 

Section the strands that have been pulled through the cap, so manageable amounts and apply bleach, starting at the mid-section of the hair strands, working your way down. Save roots for last.  

Leave bleach on head for about 45 mins with low heat applied. I got nervous so I did wash it out sooner than needed, but I was going for a caramel look to work with my dark brown locks.  

While you process with bleach, mix your toner with developer and set aside for after you rinse the bleach out.  

Rinse bleach, apply toner all over for about 10-15 mins.  

Rinse and style!  

Trust me, doing hair at home is nerve-wracking but totally possible! If you want to master the skills before doing it on yourself, they have “babe heads” at Sally’s beauty as well to practice doing hair with. (Also, I am a "beauty school dropout, so I have had some experience)

Here’s a list of Local Salons around the valley as well for those who think “This is too complicated; I want someone to do it for me!"

Shear Magic 

JcPenny Salon 

Elements Salon and Spa 

Feathered Salon 

Bella Vita 

Tousled Salon 

*Side note, I did NOT tell you to do this, I just told you how I did it 😊  

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