We pass by these places, just about every day, if not multiple times a day. But what do we actually know about these Wenatchee companies that have graced our valley for years? With locations ever changing and new businesses added, it's hard to even scratch the surface. So, I have compiled a fun list for us to just think on.  


Facts about the Wenatchee Valley Businesses: 

KPQ-AM – An absolute legend of a radio station, one that people flock to in order to get up to date info. Fun fact, KPQ was actually licensed in Seattle WA with the call letters KGCL on September 3rd, 1926, Making KPQ a Virgo. (I told you this would be fun.)  

Hooked on Toys – Became a business in the Wenatchee Valley in 1986. With only three aisles, plus only so many items to sell (as in one item per) Employees ensured that the merchandise was kept front and center so the shelves would “look full.” If you haven’t been in the store since, you need to! It will blow your mind at all they are able to pack into that store! 

Owl Soda Fountain – Once a pharmacy, has been in business since 1926. Has only been in its current location on the Wenatchee Avenue since 2002.  

Liberty Cinema - Located on Mission St. In Wenatchee, has been long considered to be haunted. Depending on who you ask. Previous employees have alluded to the theater being haunted, while others deny such occurrence.  

KW3 – Also known at KWWW-FM went on air in 1985 and was licensed in Quincy WA! Maybe that’s why they say... “KWWW, Quincy, Wenatchee, MOOOOOOOSES Lake.”  

Apple Blossom Festival – The first year for the festival was in 1920. With just the parade numbers alone, it is estimated that the number of volunteers and participants reach around 5,500 people! This does not account the crowd watching!  


There are so many more “facts” to be talked about, more to come, in the meantime enjoy...


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