When times get tough, and things seem to be unbearable, let alone, impossible... How do you cope? I as a human being, I shut down, I close all walls in and block it all out. My sanity is my daughter, and she is also, my smile. but just like every other parent, I struggle with the thoughts of, “can I do better?” “What do I do now?” “I’ve never done this before, is this ok?!” In turn driving my already post-partum brain, cray cray. *By the way, how long does one use the term “post-partum” after the child is born? All I know is that I’m super glad I found the right antidepressant that works for me. NOTE: I am not saying that you should look into that as an alternative, I just simply stated, what works best for me.  

Insecurities, judgments, justifications, decisions, doing “what’s right.” And those could just be questions when choosing what to wear. I wish I had all the answers to “how to be happy all the time.” But I do not and nor do I want to. The tough as nails moments, teach me who I am. Sometimes we just end up “Sleepless” and the most exhausted. I guess, no matter how we cope, we just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other. The better days always come about and it's not always a bad "day" but maybe just a bad "moment."  

A dear friend of mine has said, “The only things we can control in life are how we react and that the sun will rise the next morning.” So yes, when times get tough, we get to choose how to respond, even if it’s out of your control.  

Heck, lemme tell ya, I have no clue what the heck I’m doing in life, all I can do is be the best me so I can be my best as a momma, partner, friend, coworker, family member... You name it, whichever label, We all deserve to show up as the person we have worked so hard to become.  

I bring all this up cause well, holidays always seem to rear up sad moments at times and reflecting on the past year, the “end of year” play lists on our socials and music platforms... Sentimental moments and then some of the day-to-day realities, money, relationships, all the circumstances of life... Times get rough! But we do "got this" and if anything, we know we get the sunrise, clouds and all, just gotta look for a silver lining.  Love you, Aly 

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