Teamwork, dedication, strength, and courage. Sounds like the start of a Eastmont high school game right? Well in most cases, this could be totally true, but I'm talkin' bout little ones and their fear of “monsters” and no, I’m not referring to the in-laws. Sorry, haha bad joke, but you know what I mean.  


Let’s help the kiddos with a cool “hack” work together with them! Grab a clear spray bottle, googly eyes (glue for them too), a permanent marker and water for the bottle. Decorate the spray bottle with googly eyes and label the spray bottle “Monster Spray.” 


As you are making the “Monster Spray,” talk to the kids about how this will deter the critters and they get to have the control when they go to bed! 


Hype them up, build that confidence and show them how they can spray the bottle and own those pesky monsters!  


This is where they get to use the strength hype up. You lay them down for bed... They get their songs or stories and then you get to end their evening by handing them the “Monster Spray.” Let the kiddo know, “You will always be safe, momma/daddy are still here, but you get to spray the “Monster Spray” when you feel scared, the spray is gunna keep them away! 

Now I only give this advice cause well, my little girl is afraid of monsters and this is exactly what has worked for her! Parenting is hard and when you put these kiddos down for nigh nigh, we as parents want to “unwind,” but you can’t if you're having to get up constantly to “Ward off the scaries.” See if this works for you!! 

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