Washington Recall: WanaBana fruit - 'extremely high' lead levels

A recall has gone out on some pouches of children's applesauce products from WanaBana. A few of these products are being recalled as of late due to the products containing high levels of lead. This product is available nationally, including in the state of Washington.

Washington state Residents Could Have the Following Products in Your Home.

According to Food Safety News, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received more reports of illnesses in children to applesauce products. As a result, WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches have been added to the recall list. The lot code/information for this particular product is listed below courtesy of the FDA.

CREDIT: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
CREDIT: U.S. Food and Drug Administration


CREDIT: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
CREDIT: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Exposure to lead can lead to a host of symptoms including:

  • Headache • Abdominal pain/Colic • Vomiting • Anemia 

Longer-term lead exposure could result in additional symptoms: 

  • Irritability • Lethargy • Fatigue • Muscle aches or muscle prickling/burning • Occasional abdominal discomfort • Constipation • Difficulty concentrating/Muscular exhaustibility • Headache • Tremor • Weight loss

WanaBana products are sold nationally and in stores that are located in the state of Washington including Dollar Tree, and Walmart. You can also purchase through Amazon and other online distributors.

If you have the listed product, don't allow you or your kids to consume it. Return the product for a full refund from where you purchased it. You can read more about the WanaBana recall and refund information by clicking on this link from the Food and Drug Administration.

INFO: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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