As if we didn't already have a sneaking feeling that there are some pretty terrifying creatures below the ocean, rivers and lake surfaces. Maybe that's where I get my fear of something grabbing my feet either in the water, or even from under the bed. That's beside the point...

Have You Heard of Washingtons "Cadborosaurus"?! No, I did not make up a "new" dinosaur name.

Apparently the "Cadborosaurus," otherwise known as

Caddy of Cadboro Bay:

Cadborosaurus, nicknamed Caddy by journalist Archie Wills, is a sea serpent in the folklore of regions of the Pacific Coast of North America. Its name is derived from Cadboro Bay in Greater VictoriaBritish Columbia, and the Greek root word "saurus" meaning lizard or reptile.[1] - Wikipedia 

The Effingham Carcass, Vancouver Island, 1947; supposed remains of 'Caddy' - Wikipedia
The Effingham Carcass, Vancouver Island, 1947; supposed remains of 'Caddy' - Wikipedia

Native Ties:

"A native image that fits Caddy's description has been traditionally used throughout Alaska. The image indicates that Caddy or a Caddy-like creature moves north to Vancouver when the waters warm. The Inuit of Alaska has even put the picture on their canoes to keep the creature away. The Cadborosaurus is called hiyitl'iik by the Manhousat people who live on Sydney Inlet, t'chain-ko in Sechelt mythology, and numkse lee kwala by the Comox band of Vancouver Island.[2] " - Wikipedia

Side view of the Naden Harbour carcass - Wikipedia
Side view of the Naden Harbour carcass - Wikipedia

But what about recently?!

"In 2009, fisherman Kelly Nash purportedly filmed several minutes of footage featuring ten to fifteen (including young) creatures in Nushagak Bay. In 2011, a very short segment of the footage was shown on the Discovery TV show Hilstranded, where the Hilstrand brothers (from Deadliest Catch) apparently saw Nash's footage and unsuccessfully attempted to find one of the creatures.[6]" - Wikipedia 

Welp, there you have it... Legend or fact?! I guess we should have our cameras ready!


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