As a momma, I always am looking for something to entertain my litle 6 year old, and not that she can't be "bored," it's just the fact that it's summer and I want her and I to get in all the summer experiences.

Splash Pad areas are my go-to. Not only are they free, but for kids, it's like a free for all. My little girl and I have two favorite places to visit. Eastmont Community Park and Wenatchee's Rotary Park. Here's why...


Eastmont Community Park:

First of all, how cute it that little one, playing at the splash pad. This splash pad has an airplane theme. From Airplanes spinning up top, spitting water into buckets to dump, to the toys you can aim and shoot water out at your friends.

Not only does the Eastmont Community Park have a cool splash pad, but a really well-done pump track! Grab a scooter, skateboard, a bike even, and go have some fun! My little calls it, "The park with the bumps."

Enjoy the Pickle Ball courts as well! Really cool to see the courts packed with people. It really is a community of people.

The play toys for kids is always a win as well!

The park has also added a circuit training station that you can connect with via an app to give you custom workouts. Um, that's cool!

Wenatchee's Rotary Park:

This was the first splash pad park I ever took my little one to, and it just holds a special place in my heart of "first" memories. My little getting to play in the water and able to feel free. Was cool and fun to watch.

This splash pad has no particular theme, it's just plain fun!

Plenty of areas with shade, plus gazebos for gatherings.

When I say this place if fun for all ages, I really mean it. For parents, it's nice to cool off in the water, but also there's a Frisbee Golf Course!

Do make plans, or just get and go! Both of the parks mentioned are free to the public and provide plenty of activities! As a mom, I say, WINNING!

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