Have you ever received something in the mail, and then maybe accidently get the same shipment again? To be honest, I have not. At least until the past couple months... My birthday is in November and kindly, my mother asked what I would like. I gave her typical answers that I do every year, “a gift card will do just fine, my momma!” (Yes, I really talk to her like that hahaha) She says “IO do that every year, what’s your address? I have something in mind. I gave her my work address, so that she can just have the items shipped to the station and I don’t have to worry about making it home in time to not have the package wait outside.  

About a week passes, I receive the “shipment” and it’s a very generous order of towels. Oversized, comfy, perfect color scheme towels. She knew I only had a few and they weren’t a matching set (oh no!) So yes, I gladly accepted and sent her a “thank you.”  

A Month passes by and I’m sitting in the studio, going about my day, and I get another shipment of towel arrive to my work. Kind of caught me off guard, thinking, “Well wait, more towels?! Maybe the original delivery didn’t have all the items shipped at once?” Telling myself to ask my mom, I proceed to go about my day, and completely space asking my mother about it. 

The new year comes, and all is fabulous. New towels in fresh rotation. Normal work schedule begins, I come in for the first day back from the new year and kick it back into gear! I receive a text from my mother. 

“Oh honey! I didn’t realize you didn’t receive the towels I ordered you for your birthday!” (Maybe she forgot that I thanked her already, I have no clue) 

“Oh, uh no mom, I got the order, in fact I got two shipments, how many was I supposed to receive?”  

“4 Grey Towels and 2 Navy Towels” 

“Mom, I definitely have double that amount.” 

Tells me she will check it out and see where something could have messed up.  

*I receive yet another shipment of towels. 

Cut to, yesterday. I get another dang shipment of towels! Same exact order. I text my mother. 

“MOM! I got more towels!? What the heck?! Are you trying to tell me to shower more?! I shower! WHAT AM I MISSING HERE!?” 

She starts laughing and is just as stumped as I. I tell her to again look at her account for the retail store and check for whatever could be going on. Minutes pass and then a ding on my phone saying I have a text.  

“Well crap honey, I signed up for a subscription.” 

Two things. WHO GETS A TOWEL SUBSCRIPTION!? Second thing, always check if you are subscribing to an order, you place... Otherwise you may end up with 24 towels. 

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