Where we're you and what were you doing in the fall of 2015?

We 12s still had Marshawn Lynch and the Legion of Boom. Hailey Van Lith was just an 8th grader at Cashmere Middle School. We were still four or five years away from the pandemic. Remember life before masks?

I remember scrolling the feed on Facebook and found this graphic, made by Ryan Nickum at Estately.com's Facebook page.

Map Courtesy of ESTATELY.com
Map Courtesy of ESTATELY.com


I laughed out loud!

Here's what Ryan Nickum wrote on the Social Media posting:

From the rain-soaked forests of the coast to the fertile, rolling hills of the Palouse, Washington state is a great place to live. However, choosing where in this great state to buy a home is a conundrum. Do you buy a pricy home in rapidly growing Seattle or Bellevue? Do you opt for less expensive real estate options in cities like Spokane or Tacoma? How about a cabin in the Methow Valley, a beach house at Ocean Shores or a dairy farm in Lynden? To help you choose your location Estately created this not-so-scientific map depicting the state’s cultural differences. Hope it helps! -Ryan Nickum/Estately

We reposted it on our radio station page and got lots and lots of odd and great comments. My favorite comment was from a lady named "Randi" who said:

This map is correct. I know lots of people named Randy or Randi in my home town! -Randi from Chehalis

Wow. Do you agree or disagree with this?

INFO: Estately.com

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