Why is it so important to have a healthy back?

"The spine can help control quick movement essential for protection and survival. The spine also provides support for the shoulder and frame of the body. A strong spinal cord provides ample movement for your body; with a strong spine, you will have a greater range of mobility." -Source


Seems like every year, I personally have to go to the Chiropractor, at least once a year for maintenance. Which is perfectly fine with me because I always walk out feeling like a new woman.


Do you frequent the Chiropractor? How many people utilize this practice?

"Every year, between 30 and 40 million people are treated by chiropractors. 10% of the American populace, both men and women, see chiropractors each year." - Source

Who are the best rated Chiropractors in the Wenatchee Valley?

I'm so glad you asked! I took this question to Yelp, and as always, Yelp provided some awesome input!

Best Chiropractors in Wenatchee WA

You wanted to know, and Yelp provided the answers!

Gallery Credit: Aly

You've read the reviews of the Top 5 according to yelp, now who are you going with? Remember, choosing a Chiropractor is like choosing a doctor or even hair stylist. You want to make sure they listen to your needs, pains and wants.

I have been seeing my chiropractor since the mid 2010's and I will be so sad when he retires, but with this list, we are all in good hands!

When I was younger, I thought I was invincible to any sort of potential back pain. That was until I had a coughing fit while driving my truck, I got out to "pop my back," because that's something I always did. It wasn't until my knees buckled from the pain and I was crying for momma that I realized, "maybe I should see a chiropractor..."

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